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It’s synonymous to the roots of a woman of substance whose power stands uncompromisable. The authority it gives is enough to bolster her through the roses and thorns. She engages with the storm within her like a gush of wave that swept her locks. She is the woman of power who has the strength of […]


In the year 2015, 7th August was declared the ‘National Handloom Day’ by the government of India. Subsequently, in 2016, the hashtag ‘


From the very moment you said ‘yes’, you haven’t slept very well. Your entire brain has turned intoa world of Pinterest with a million stunning lehengas, sarees, gowns and dresses pinned.Incessantly running around for the right fabrics, the right tailors and the right stylists, scrutinisingevery little detail for the events that precede and follow, today’s […]

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