Tantric headlines the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, with guest performances by Austin Winkler of Hinder, and Lief Garrett.

Tantric Whisky A Go Go
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Tantric continues to tour in support of their newly released Blue Room Archives compilation, making a stop at the world famous Whisky A Go Go, in west Hollywood CA on November 8th. Las Vegas Hard rockers Otherwise were direct support for the evening performing charting songs from there. Los Angeles being a melting pot of musicians and famous artists turned in a special guest performance with Austin Winkler, former front man of platinum rock band Hinder. Tantric performed the song ” Fault” with Winkler. ” It was great having Austin on stage for “Fault”, he and I wrote and recorded the song together, which was featured on the album 37 Channels record, but have never had the chance to perform it live together, and to get to do it at the legendary Whisky A Go Go was a special moment” says Hugo Ferreira. To finish the night off Tantric invited friend and former Teen idol Lief Garrett up on stage to perform a cover of the song “Road House Blues” by the Doors. Leif Garrett was also featured as a guest vocalist on the song ” My Turn” from the 37 Channels record.

The Blue Room Achieves Tour marches on and it is time a new generation of Rock fans experience the emotional brand of music this band deliveries each and every night in their live performances.

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